About Us

Hey there! My name is Maleah, owner & CEO of Black Cedar.   

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, even from a young age. I began my journey to CEO when I was 8 years old, filming the wiring and plumbing of my dad's new construction homes. From there, I started a jewelry making company, and then a clothing boutique with my family. After college, I became an Assistant Photographer for Belk, my first career job working for someone else, and I loved it! However, there was something always pulling me back to owning my own business. 

Black Cedar began as a problem I had while shopping. I just wanted a store that sold comfy, timeless, edgy neutrals that I could easily style together, but also sold those stand out pieces for concerts and festivals. I wanted a one-stop-shop for that LBD. So I created it. With the help of my amazing husband and co-owner, Michael, Black Cedar has become a reality. Black Cedar is a platform for me to share my love of black clothing and most importantly my passion for freedom. I want you to feel like a confident baddie in whatever you wear, from a comfy t-shirt to a sexy blazer. Here at Black Cedar, we strive to make styling an outfit and creating a wardrobe as painless as possible. 

Fun Facts about Maleah

  • Had Spinal Fusion Surgery 2012
  • Married to Michael for 3 years
  • Dog mom to Bowie, Cat mom to Winnie, & Bunny mom to Biscuit
  • Avid Oreos & milk consumer
  • Usually only drinks half of her cup of coffee
  • Enneagram 6
  • Ask me out for drinks and we'll be besties